Coder till I die! ~ Joy of programming

I am a programmer/coder/developer….and love doing that!! Been doing it for long now….been more than 7 years professionally & more than a decade if I consider my studies; first code in C, bcpp, Windows SDK, Charles Petzold and all that!! It was fun then…and it’s still so much fun!!! I still enjoy those “aha” & “eureka” moments when I fix a convoluted bug or add new impressive feature!!!

But it’s little strange here in India…If you’re still coding after 5-6 years, usually you’re looked at skeptically – so why not a Project Manager? Huh??? Coz I don’t want to spend my day being M$ Office user!!! 😉 Why can’t I code if I enjoy coding???? I might take up other roles in my career including mentoring people; but I’d still like to be associated with coding/programming in some way till the day I die. I like that path and that’s my own interest & choice. Why should it be surprising? Most people I admire professionally still code after having so much experience!

Anyway!!! I think I have got it figured for myself. I code because I enjoy doing that and would continue to do so. And I think instead of going conventional management way, I would rather move towards being an independent software consultant, author and… entrepreneur!! Ahem! 🙂

I have been reading Joel’s blogs for few years now and often I realize that I have equally strong opinions on programming, software development process, management, hiring people and so on. Been planning to start blogging for long….and it happens now! 🙂


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