Joy Of Ubuntu!

Ubuntu Finally, I have dumped Windows for good and have shifted to Ubuntu (9.04 Jaunty) for my development 2 weeks ago. It’s been exciting and confusing at times as well, after al it was more than a decade old association with Windows in its various flavours. I am rediscovering Joy of Linux after a long time. Unlike typical Linux of older times, Ubuntu is very, very simple to use and is extremely intuitive.

The only thing I am missing here is AciveSynch for my Windows mobile and maybe good old fiend, TextPad!

But guess what? I am loving it! 🙂 Expect some more Linux related posts here from me in the next few months.


3 thoughts on “Joy Of Ubuntu!

  1. (Haven’t used Textpad myself, so this may be biased comment)
    In my personal opinion, Vim can provide all the features Textpad can provide (and may be more) via plugins.
    I think Notepad++ is equally powerful as Textpad. See this link for notepad++ linux alternatives:
    BTW, Notepad++ too works well under Wine.


  2. @ Mandar – Missing Textpad was more due to the fact that I was so used to its shortcuts, that I would use them even without any conscious thinking and hen same shortcuts don’t work in Ubuntu text editors.

    After all these months, I am not missing TextPad now – I am using JEdit & Aptana and happy with them. I want to stay away from Wine as far as possible. With banshee, I can even use my iPOd with Ubuntu, so no reason to go back to Windows as my primary machine. Ubuntu rocks!! 🙂


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