Simple Hibernate Alternative?

Just read about this simple and light-weight ORM project.

They claim to replace hibernate code with some simple 1300 lined of code of this Kauklahti. I am curious, and while reading I almost agreed to most points that Tomi mentions; especially about version updates and countless dependencies (You’d know better if you’re working on a big product development for years).

It seems interesting, because its mentions dependency on just log4j. The only other constraint would be I guess it’s use with Spring framework, which has been keeping me away from trying it. We are married to Struts framework for our current project.

Nevertheless, I would be interested to know real life projects that make use of this Kauklahti (Besides the one that inventor himself uses). They would be some interesting case studies. I am hoping to check it out soon for some small prototype, let’s see.


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