Excel with your strengths

It’s not often that I recommend an article here from a typical “management” site/blog, because most of of time it does not make much sense to me. However, this is a very pleasant surprise from HBR, thanks to @sandygautam for tweeting this. Though it is a rather old article (May 2009), I am glad somebody is finally talking about this. All people have different strengths and weaknesses. And though one may want to improve upon certain weaknesses, often brooding too much about a weakness deteriorates performance. After a certain age – I think one must be able to accept his/her own personality with all the features/traits it has – some of them might be perceived as weaknesses under certain circumstances, or while performing certain tasks. But they are essentially your personality traits having their own advantages & disadvantages in different situations.

Moreover, it is crucial to focus more on the strengths and see how we can create opportunities and make most of what we are good at. The best you can offer to the world is naturally the best that you have in yourself.  🙂

Here is excerpt I really liked from this article –

Here’s what his manager should say: “You’ve worked hard this year John. Your client orientation is superb. You’ve met your sales goals and you’re a solid team player. But working on those spreadsheets isn’t a good use of your time and it’s not your strength. I’m going to ask David to do those for you from now on. He loves spreadsheets and is great at them. I want to spend the rest of our time talking about how you can get even better at working with your clients. That’s where you shine — where you add the most value to the company — and you seem to really enjoy it.”

An organization should be a platform for unique talent. A performance review system should be flexible enough to reflect and reward the successful contributions of diverse employees. Let’s encourage people to be weak in areas in which they are average — because no one can possibly be great at everything — and place all our effort on developing their strengths further.

Here is the complete article: Stop Worrying about Your Weaknesses


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