Artificial Intelligence – Future Ahead

Among all the debate about AI involving visionaries and business legends, here is a wonderful discussion with one of my favourite AI experts (and teacher) – Andrew Ng and some of his more humane concerns, considerations. I am glad he acknowledges reluctance of re-learning (reskilling) as one of the bigger challenges. I believe this is going to be a large part of the counselors’ or therapists’ work in the next few years as more people become redundant in their organizations.

A must read for anyone curious about AI and its future –

“As an AI insider, having built and shipped a lot of AI products, I don’t see a clear path for AI to surpass human-level intelligence,” he said. “I think that job displacement is a huge problem, and the one that I wish we could focus on, rather than be distracted by these science fiction-ish, dystopian elements.”
“I’ve been in a lot of private conversations with AI leaders, or business leaders who are working on new AI products that will wipe out tens of thousands of jobs in a single company, maybe more across multiple companies,” Ng said. “And the interesting thing is that a lot of people whose jobs are squarely in the crosshairs of the technologies, a lot of people doing the jobs that are about to go away, they don’t understand AI, they don’t have the training to understand AI. And so a lot of people whose jobs are going to go away don’t know that they’re in the crosshairs.”
“I think one challenge that’s harder to get around is that if I am a master welder, and a lot of my identity is bound up in the respect I command as a master welder, needing to take on a new role where I’m now a novice, I think that’s emotionally challenging,” he told VentureBeat. “That’s actually a significant challenge we need to get through. For what it’s worth, once I was a master Basic programmer, and then I had to learn Python.”

Read the complete article here: AI expert: Worry more about jobs than killer robots

And here is the reference to the debate between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg

Featured image: Kismet robot with rudimentary social skills at MIT, PC: Wikipedia


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